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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Czech Society for Atherosclerosis we would like to invite you to a unique one-day Satellite Symposium “Novel Biomarkers of CVD Risk: Focus on Peripheral Atherosclerosis”. The Symposium will precede the 85th Congress of European Atherosclerotic Society (EAS) in Prague. Multidisciplinary character and focus not only on mechanisms of atherosclerosis but also on the possibility of its detection and management with a special emphasis on peripheral artery disease are the hallmarks of the meeting. 
Our ambition is not only to present how to detect and manage novel biomarkers but also to encourage discussion and interaction among colleagues involved in basic and applied research and, also, clinicians. Therefore, we believe this meeting will be an ideal platform to get acquainted with the latest developments in the field and to share ideas as well as to start interdisciplinary and international cooperation in the future. 
We are pleased and privileged to host distinguished speakers recruited mainly from representatives of the EAS, but also representing the International Union of Angiology. As you can see in the preliminary program, in addition to lectures, there will be a possibility to attend a workshop on detection of preclinical atherosclerosis and vascular damage in their earlier stages. 
The Satellite Symposium is an ideal overture to the above mentioned 85th EAS congress where comprehensive overview of all different aspects of atherosclerosis diagnosis and treatment will be discussed. Thus, we believe you will not miss the EAS Congress and join us there, too. 
We believe you will be able to accept our sincere invitation and do look forward to meeting you at the Satellite Symposium as well as to the 85th EAS Congress in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic, Prague.

Michal Vrablik
85th EAS Congress Chair
President of the Czech Society for Atherosclerosis

Jan Pitha
Scientific Secretary of the Czech Society for Atherosclerosis
General Secretary of the International Union of Angiology